Monday, 11 August 2014

August Want List // High Street Edit

When it comes to statement dressing on a high street budget, there are a handful of stores that spring to mind. Edgy, vibrant and above all affordable - who knew student loans weren't a feasible shopping fund? - is the ethos of my go to spending spots and my wallet thanks me for it. So, without further ado, here is my August edit of high street heroes. Don't be surprised when your purses break out into a rendition of Handel's Hallelujah and you come down with a terrible case of Want Want Want Syndrome!

August Want List // High Street Edit
1. Ashish x Topshop 'Follow Me @' Cotton T-shirt, £40 Topshop
2. Laurinka Pineapple Bodysuit,,£12 Missguided
3. Kiki Pink Chunky Platforms, £17
4. Lilac Feather Bag, £30 River Island
5. Floral Wrap Crop Top, £13 New Look
6. White Vow London Sunglasses, £50 River Island
7. 3D Floral Lace Midi, £80 River Island
8. Flower Hair Band, £7.99 H&M
9. Brandi Yellow Platform Sandals, £28
10. Liquorish Floral Statement Necklace, £55 £32 Asos
11. Nyx Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Razzle, £11

Friday, 8 August 2014's Summer Beach Wear Campaign

Calling all my US readers, I have a special something for you. This is worth more than unexpected flower deliveries, cupcakes when you're ill and 'Beer and Chinese' night. It's better than Buck's Fizz on your birthday, stuffing at Christmas and tearing open gift wrap to find exactly what you wanted without even having to hint. Yes, is the icing on the cake for you see, dear friends, is the solution to those gifts you didn't want. No, it can't replace the swamp green snood your grandmother knitted you last Easter but it can make use of the unwanted gift card your brother bought on Christmas Eve. $50 voucher for Home Depot and a disinclination for DIY? Sell it for cash. On the other hand, the $30 slipped into your graduation card could buy you a discounted gift card from Victoria's Secret, Sephora and many other brands. With the summer in full swing, there's money to be made and money to be saved so has asked me to share a perfect summer outfit - equipped with this season's essentials - to help you make sure your money's well spent. You can thank me later!'s Summer Beachwear Campaign

Feminine Kimono, Plimsoll Pumps, Statement Sunnies, Casual Cami, 
Turban Headband , Friendship Jewellery, Luxe Backpack,
 Denim Cutoffs
P.s. Those of you worldwide, you are not forgotten. Keep your eye on this space as Raise is looking to expand!
Thursday, 7 August 2014

Make Me A Marshmallow

'Scrumptious. Squishy. Shareable' - the opening line and, quite frankly, I'm already hooked. If childhood sticker book fantasies (did anybody else die over the cork stickers?) and post hormonal cravings had a baby or, in their opinion, if Willy Wonka and Proust had a brainstorm, this would be the outcome. 'They' in question are the geniuses at Boomf. The magical mavericks behind possibly the best ever culinary creation known to man. Marshmallows with your face on them. Or your boyfriend's face. Or your cat's face. Or Macchu Picchu. It really doesn't matter. The point is, you upload your favourite images from Instagram, Facebook, your desktop or camera roll and design a box of nine custom 'mallows and then you relish in their gooey goodness. That's Secret Santas, baby showers, celebrations, birthdays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (etc.) sorted for the forseeable future at an agreeable £15 a pop. So, if you were ever at a loss for what to buy me - or simply wanted to celebrate my ongoing awesomeness - make me a marshmallow, will you?

Saturday, 2 August 2014

#My Vegas Style Blogger Challenge

I've always been one for the imagination - a smattering of self made collages, creative narratives and ambitious bucket lists peppering my childhood - so, when contacted me with the proposition of joining the #MyVegasStyle challenge, it was one I could hardly resist. The task? To share a day's worth of dream looks for a stay at the Aria Resort & Casino and, when we're talking theoretical, I'm not one to scrimp on the dazzling details. So, let's just say I'm a glamorous, AMEX-wielding wanderer with a penchant for short-lived city breaks - here's a sneak peak into my wardrobe. It's all true after all, except for the AMEX part.

9AM: From Boarding Gate to Bath
Nothing screams departure hall like bloodshot eyes and the wrong side of bedhead hair, especially when your 6-inch heeled boots and leather skinnies are publicly rearing their ugly heads as terrible travel wear. Look #1, on the other hand, is the essence of fashionable comfort seeing me through to a 1 Bedroom Penthouse - transferred by the included limousine and private "elevator" - to take a well earned soak in the whirlpool tub. It doesn't hurt that I can catch up with E! News on the 20-inch TV.

#MyVegasStyle Look 1

11AM: Required Retail Therapy
Look #2 showcases flirty, feminine charm for a celebrity-style session of gratuitous spending. A late breakfast at Jean Philippe Patisserie, where gourmet sandwiches and fresh pastries are par for the course, followed by a spree at Aria's own cluster of boutiques would make for a favourable start. Not forgetting a trip to Crystals, home of the city's largest designer shops. A two-storey Louis Vuitton and 10,000 sq ft Tiffany & Co. are surely worth the visit!

#MyVegasStyle Look 2

2PM: Cool in the Cabana
If Katy Perry's Waking Up in Vegas video is anything to go by, evenings in Sin City can end in boisterous blow outs. Hence, a suitable stretch of sunbathing and spa relaxation is a must before the merrymaking to follow. Beachwear fit for a glamazon, look #3, would accompany a private cabana amongst the palm trees - because, when in Vegas, beach loungers just don't make the cut - my temporary home while soaking up the summer heat, honeyed cocktails in hand. A quick Breeze Cafe lunch delivered by personal cabana staff would quell my hunger pangs before some hydrotherapy and a stint in the eucalyptus steam room in the Spa & Salon. Goodbye travel-tired skin!
#MyVegasStyle Look 3

6PM: A Night to Remember
Although Las Vegas is famed for its alluring casinos and surreal nightlife, an evening of sophisticated celebration would be on the cards for my night at the Aria Resort - clad in look #4's most glamorous garb. A hunk of marbled meat may not be conducive to partying all night long, but a quiet(ish) night of gastronomy and tipple would be in order with a melt in your mouth steak highlighting the first stop at Jean-Georges Steakhouse - sumptuous dining headed up by an award winning chef. Some champagne cocktails and copious 'posh purple drinks' later at Lift Bar and I'd be in true Vegas heaven, revelling in the luxuriance of Nevada's sparkling gem.

#MyVegasStyle Look No. 4

12AM: Rest and Retirement
A not so late return to the triple-sheeted custom mattress would require a costume change no less important. The opulent sleepwear of look #5 would round off the trip of a lifetime sending me off to sleep with the sounds of rain flowing from the in-room sound system (yes, there is an mp3 dock and, yes, I do employ that sleeping technique).
#MyVegasStyle Look No. 5

P.s. Make sure you click on the mood boards to find out where the pieces are from!